Wakim Enterprise


Choueifat MAll (160,000 m2) is located at Shoueifat.

Wooden Bakery - Ashrafieh

Wooden Bakery is located at Ashrafieh.

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Romanos Clinic

Romanos Clinic is located at Down town.

HERMES Boutique

HERMES is located at Solidere



Cosmocity (1,200 m2) is located at Solidere.

Rochane Gallery

Rochane Gallery is located at Saifi

University of Balamand

University of Balamand (2,000 m2) is located at Balamand.

Les Petits Parisiens

Les Petits Parisiens is located at Saifi

Woodbees Restaurant

Woodbees Restaurant is located at Antelias.

Sultan Ibrahim - Jounieh

Al-Sultan Brahim is located at Maameltein.


A new night club, called The One (8,000 m2), located in Beirut New Waterfront


EMMAGO Gallery

EMMAGO Gallery is located at Saifi

Audemars Piguet offices

Audemars Piguet offices is located at  Foch Street - Solidere

Fitness First - GYM

Fitness Firs (4,000 m2) is a GYM Located at Hamra - Crowm Plaza Hotel.



LE MALL - Saida

LE MALL is located at Saida




BEBE Shop is located at ashrafieh

Wooden Bakery - Baabdat

Wooden Bakery is located at Baabdat.

Maktabi Showroom

Maktabi Showroom is located at Ashrafieh.

Innocent Mind

Innocent Mind is located at Hamra.

ADAM Restaurant

ADAM Restaurant is located at Gemmayze




Yves Delormes Boutique

Yves Delormes Boutique is located at Ashrafieh


Is a storage building at choueifat.